Some Basics About Body Mount Bushings

Most cars nowadays employ a unibody design. This means that the car body and frame are one thing. However, for models that from 1996 or older and almost all truck models you can find a different design. There you will see that the frame and the body are two separate things. In these model the frame holds the engine and suspennsion. The frame is connected to the body and provides it with support by utilizing rubber bushings. 

You can find anywhere from 6-12 bushings thorughout the car. These body mount bushings provide the car with a cushion to absorb the rigors of driving and engine vibrations. While they do have an insane lifetime they are still susceptible to damage. They do wear out with time. When it starts to wear out the car tarts to lose its allignment. Because of this the hood, trunk and other parts might become difficult to open or might even get stuck. 

Another thing you might notice is the fact that your car is dipping low on one side, this comes with body mount bushings being worn out. When that moment comes the only thing to do is to get a new body mount bushing kit. Then replace the old one with the new one.

Determining Body Mount Bushing Damage

There are several different ways damaged body mount bushings can cause damage to your car. Not all are noticeable. Some are hidden and some you can see if you know where to look. Knowing about these symptoms will help you replace the entire body mount bushing kit with a new one. 

So what are the symptoms? Well, let’s start with the noticeable ones. When your body mount bushings wear out your car can get misaligned. At that time you will see that you are having problems with opening the door. If you have to slam the door to latch or pull on it to open then there is a chance there is body mount bushing damage. 

Another problem that happens are fender and door gaps. When the bushings are damaged the body sags. This causes the body parts to move and be misaligned. So what happens is that you start to see that there is a big gap on the top fender where as the bottom one is extremely close to the door. You should be weary about the fender getting in touch with the door. This causes serious damage to the body and becomes a costly repair.  

The hard to spot symptoms are worse to be honest. When your body mount bushing fails it can cause the window seals to be opened. This lets in moisture and can cause a leak even. So what happens over time is that the incomming moisture and water starts to cause rust. The rust may start from the window frame. But this is not limited to the window at all. Your floow and internal structure of the cowl is at risk too. 

Even in the back of the car it can cause trunk, rear deck, and quarter panel damage. So make sure you do a regular body check and keep an eye on symptoms of body mount bushing failure in your car.

Car Headlights Explained

Headlights are one of the most important components in a car. Not only do they enhance beauty but also at the same time play a huge role in providing better visibility. Let us explain how they work and what their types are.

1. Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs have long existed in the market. Might not be surprising to say that it is the most popular bulb type in the market. These bulbs or headlights perform similar to the bulbs found in households in the sense that they have a filament made of metal that lights up and shines brightly upon being heated with electrical current. Halogen bulbs are long lasting, cost-effective and easy to replace. One disadvantage of Halogen bulbs is that they produce yellow light. These lights will work well in foggy weather as white light bounces back in such conditions. Therefore, if it is a foggy day, you might want to turn on your halogen lights.

2. HID/Xenon Bulbs

HID or High Intensity Discharge bulbs have a totally different technology at hand. They perform very different to other bulbs in the market as it has a glass tube with Xenon gas trapped inside and the light is produced when electric power is passed through electrodes. HIDs used a ballast that happens to be an electronic circuit for controlling the electric current as well as the output. Even though they last longer than filament bulbs, HIDs hold a big disadvantage and that is they produce very bright blue light that irritates other motorists on the road.

3. LED Headlights

LED or light emitting diode, is in the game nowadays. It has rapidly gained the attention of everyone due to its numerous positive aspects and keeps on capturing consumer preferences. The first advantage is that LED bulbs last longer than other bulb types and consumer less power. These two reasons alone are enough to be used in headlights, taillights, fog light bulbs, and even indicators nowadays. LED headlights have a heat sink attached, which is basically a small fan that forces heat out to prevent damage.

4. DRL 

Daytime running lights come factory fitted in majority of cars nowadays. These are basically LEDs that remain turned on while the car is on. Since they are LEDs, they consume almost zero to none energy and are liked mostly by people due to their styles and designs. They also tend to increase the visibility of your car during daytime. 

5. Digital LED Headlights/Smart LEDs

Digital LED headlights are both expensive and intelligent. Therefore, they are only being offered on selected luxury cars such as Mercedes and BMW etc. These headlights are intelligent in the sense that they automatically by using sensors, increase or decrease light when driving on dark or visible roads. Depending on road conditions, they will automatically turn high beam on and off, if they detect an incoming driver. 

Conclusion Headlight technology has evolved to new heights with so many options even for indicators and fog light bulbs. With the amount of research and technology being done to come up with new inventions in this area, you will not be surprised if something totally out of this world pops up.

Tips to Repair Your Car Bumper Guard

Currently, new cars are coming with plastic-made bumpers that are rigid and lightweight. But, you might be forgotten that once upon a time steel-mad bumpers were very popular. Its true plastic is not much more protective in a collision. 

But, don’t forget one thing that only plastic-made bumpers can provide a visual purpose above everything else. A car bumper guard that has made with plastic is flexible in design. The material is not just lighter, it also easy to repair and take care. 

When you need to repair your car bumper, you can do it yourself. But, if you don’t know the steps, you can’t do it anyway. Some simple steps will make your job done. Let’s know them below: 

First Step– Force The Dent Out

Go to the opposite side of the dent and try to force out it with your empty hands. You can take out some dents this way. But, avoid keeping extra force on it and provide it a bit nudge. Thus you can remove the dents of the mirror using just your empty hand. 

If it doesn’t work, use a hot air gun or hairdryer and set it directly on the denting surface. But, don’t forget to keep enough distance between the plastic surface and the hairdryer. You need just about five minutes to take out dents this way to dispose of this nasty item. 

Use a towel made of terry cloth or a petite wooden block so that you can push out the dent when the surface is heated enough. Be careful when you do it. See the bumper from different angles if it has additional dents. 

Second Step– Hot Water Technique

You can effectively take out them if you have minor dents on your car bumper. By removing the plastic bumper from its body, drop a smaller amount of warm water to the inner part of your car bumper. Move around the bumper to its all sides to pour warm water all over its surface. 

Push out the dents using a terry cloth keeping it on a table. Go with the messaging motion when you do this process. Also, use the same process if you find there wax that you like to remove from its surface. One caution you should take while doing it that use gloves when going through this process. 

It’s because you’re working with hot water that may cause burn if it drops on your skin. Also, avoid pouring warm water to any decorated surface directly. After removing and cooling the bumper, check from different angles for the additional dents. 

Third Step– Dry Ice Technique 

You need a hairdryer, hand gloves, dry ice, and an aluminum foil. First, heat the damaged part of the bumper by a hairdryer. Then, wear safety gloves and take a piece of dry ice. Keep it on the top of the dented part. 

You can insulate the part of the bumper using a piece of aluminum foil. It’ll take the bumper at its original shape within a few minutes.

Tips On Buying Auto Parts Online

The internet has become an integral part of our lives. Online shopping has opened up a whole new ecosystem in commerce. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can buy auto parts online. With online shopping, the whole country is your local auto parts shop. Shipping isn’t a problem nor is quality if you are careful enough. From the front to the rear of a car you can buy anything.

Tips On Buying Auto Parts Online 1

From bumper protectors to engines to even whole cars, there are no limits nowadays. You can source genuine auto parts on a cheap from online stores. Finding a replacement for your car’s parts has never been easier. Here are some tips on how to buy auto parts online that will help you in your quest for parts replacement.

Know Your Auto Part

So you have to replace something in your car. You know where it is but not what it is or what it does. You don’t even know it’s part number. So what do you do? How do you find the right auto part? Well, first you can check the owner’ manual. If you cannot find the number, then you can check on the manufacturer’s store.

They will have the information you require. You can also research on eBay. In recent years eBay has become a hotbed for anything automotive related. There are other places where you can check out the model number and related information. As long as you know the car brand model and the year your car is from you can find out any car part information.

Knowing What Type of Car Part to Get

So there are a few types of car parts in the industry. You can get genuine auto parts which are also known as OEMs. There are other car parts that are not from the original manufacturer those are called aftermarket parts. You need to decide which type of part you want before going into the market.

You may want to buy genuine auto parts because of the guarantees they provide. These parts come with warranties and have been approved by the car manufacturer. Consult your mechanic about the choices you have. An expert will be able to point you in the right direction.

Finding The Right Store

Whenever you search for auto parts in the search engine you will see thousands of sites popping up. All of them will be saying that they have the best parts. It is your job to search through the sales pitch and find the right auto parts shop for you. Things to look for in a shop would be to see their inventory first.

Then you should look into their customer service. A good customer service structure indicates that the store is good. You should also look at reviews and ask the community about the car parts shop’s reputation. The community will be able to give a good idea about the business. You can be tempted to go to sites like craigslist but I would advise against it.

This is because craigslist is not dedicated to the automotive industry. So there is a chance of you getting the wrong parts. Also, the return policy isn’t that good. You should always choose a shop that has good return policies.

Tips On Buying Auto Parts Online 2

Shipping and Payment

You should check the shipping option for the site. Shipping should not cost you a lot of money also there are car parts stores that offer free shipping. Also remember to choose a site that offers order tracking. This is important because this way you can know where the order is and when it will be delivered.

On top of these things make sure you choose a site that offers a safe and easy payment method. You need to make sure you have a good site that offers protects your information. Additionally, you can sign up for PayPal. This will allow you to protect your information while being able to make payments for your order.

The Final Step

If you have determined all the factors have been met, then you can order your auto part for replacement. Make sure you take all the right steps. This will ensure that you don’t suffer in the long run. Being efficient with the utmost comfort is the ultimate goal, so make sure you utilize it.

6 Best Aftermarket Fog Lights for Your Car in 2019

One of the easiest ways to improve your car’s exterior is to install fog lights. Whether you do it for aesthetics or for safety there is no denying that the fog lights are essential to your car. Driving at night requires good lighting, especially in remote areas. Cars nowadays come with good lighting but adding aftermarket fog lights can vastly increase visibility, especially during fogs and heavy snow. These days you can find a host of different fog light kits for cars and trucks. Here are some of the best the market has to offer.

aftermarket fog light

Astra Depot 55 Watt Projector Fog Lights

Made with proper glass lenses these fog lights are a good choice for anyone who has limited mounting space options in their car. These lenses due to their glass lenses are less susceptible to damage. Rocks and debris effect it much less than many other fog lights.

JW Speaker LED Fog Lights

These were initially planned as upgrades to ’07 to ’13 Jeep Wranglers. If you want a fantastic pair of fog lights, then these are for you. Although a bit pricey these are one of the finest fog lights available on the market. These are elegant and classy along with being of the highest quality. The ease of installation for these is pretty easy. These fog lights have 1080 lumens, this means those dimly lit dark and foggy backwoods adventures are completely lit up.

Rigid Industries D-Series Dually 20-Degree Flood Lights

Staying on the rugged side of things, rigid industries brings you one of the toughest most durable fog lights on the market. The Rigid Industries D-Series Dually 20-Degree Flood Lights are strong enough to withstand a direct blunt force. With rigorous testing methods for their lights, you can rest assured that these lights will last you a long time and be able to function in rough driving conditions with ease.

Spec-D Fog Lights with Color-Changing Halo Ring

These are perfectly good fog lights with an aesthetic appeal. If your decision on getting the fog lights are not entirely based on functionality. If you are considering aesthetics, then these are the lights for you. The Spec-D isn’t any regular fog light. It has a surrounding ring that can give off seven different colors. You can set it according to your mood or your car’s color.

Rugged Ridge 3-Inch Square LED Fog Lights

These are quite famous. These Rugged Ridge lights are extremely durable and will serve you a long time. Although more of a driving light than fog lights these lights provide amazing luminosity and is guaranteed to illuminate your way.

Blazer Baja Light Kit

These are not the brightest on the list but not bad either. These fog lights are on the cheaper side and is a great way to upgrade your car’s fog lights. If you are on a budget and want better lighting, then this is the one for you. Minor lighting upgrades will be seen once you go through with the fog light installation.

Choose Right One

So there you go, my choice for the 6 best aftermarket fog lights in the market. These lights were chosen after careful research but these are not the only good choices available. Make sure you know what your needs are and conduct your own research to find what suits you best. Installing the right fog lights is imperative and ensuring the fog light bulbs are up to your standards.

Reasons to Get a Bumper Guard for Your truck

Your truck is a big investment for you. It may be your livelihood or it may be your transportation. Regardless of what you use it for its importance is undeniable. So you should do absolutely everything to protect your truck from getting bumps and dinks into the bumper. There are Truck Bumper Guards you can use to provide that protection. So you may be wondering why you should invest in a bumper guard. Well, some of the major reasons will be in the following passages. Read them and see why a bumper guard is essential for any truck.

Works Well with Other Accessories

One of the biggest benefits of using a bumper guard is that it doesn’t affect your truck’s other accessories. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The bumper guards help protect the accessories along with the car exterior car parts. Parts like the headlights and radiators are protected better when a bumper guard is utilized.


One aesthetic inclusion is the addition of lights on your trucks grille protector or front bumper guard. There are many manufacturers that offer specialized grille guards. These may include lights that help with fog, driving, and off-road auxiliary lights for your truck’s front-end. Make sure you look into what you are getting as there are manufacturers who don’t offer this service. Adding a bumper protector adds a certain rugged look and with the lights, it offers better driving conditions.

Protection from Minor Collisions

The most common type of collisions in the US are low-speed collisions. Having a bumper guard for your truck, car, and SUV helps protect car parts. Parts like bumpers, lights, and grille details don’t incur damages most of the time in low-speed collisions when guards are used. In some instances, you will see that an SUV and other vehicles push a sedentary object for a short distance. This may scratch or mark the guard’s finish but the car will relatively be damage free. Utilizing bull bars with skid plates can bring solid protection for your car’s front-end.

Better Protection from Animal Accidents

Grille guards or front bumper protectors provide great protection and coverage from low-speed impacts. There have been studies showing that bumper guards help protect your front-end from damage when animals collide. It even prevents major structural damage in some cases. Obviously, the scope of protection depends on the speed of the collision and the size of the particular animal but it still provides great coverage.

For instance, if you hit a deer you can get gains from the added protection because the damage won’t be extensive. However, if you are unfortunate enough to collide with large animals such as moose, buffalo, or elk then there most definitely will be damages. Even with aftermarket modification damages will occur when big animals are involved. Make sure you keep an eye on the road for these animals as the collision can even turn out to be fatal.

Brawn and Beauty

Your car or truck or SUV will have a significant change in outlook when you install a bumper guard. Depending on what you get it can give your car a rugged look while offering protection for the exterior car parts. These reasons are why you should invest in a truck bumper guard. It adds to the aesthetics along with added protection. But make sure to choose the right one for you.

Aftermarket LED Tail Lights And Why You Should Switch

The automotive lighting industry has been advancing and developing really fast. New designs and technology are coming in every now and then. However, one of the significant introduction to the car light industry is the introduction of the LED lights. The entire industry, the OE and Aftermarket tail lights sector has new standards due to the precedence LED lights have set. But why should you switch to LED lights for your car’s tail lights? Well, I won’t tell you why but I will discuss the pros and cons of the LED tail lights and have you make the decision yourself.

aftermarket led tail light


So there are three different types of lights that can be used in a car. Halogen light bulbs, HID or High-Intensity Discharge bulbs and LED bulbs. So, how do they square up? Well, halogen bulbs are very crude technology. The lights are not very efficient and convert most of the energy to heat. This also means that the bulbs are susceptible to easy damage and their lifespan is usually really short. Halogen lights often require changing. This makes them a bad choice in tail lights.

The average lifespan of the LED bulb is around 15000 hours whereas the halogen bulbs top out at a measly 1000 hours. Although a bit more expensive LED lights vastly outperform the halogen bulbs in service and is a value buy for anyone.

HIDs are the brightest of the bunch. However, it is recommended to not use HIDs. This is because the brightness of the bulbs is so much that it may blind motorists and drivers. On top of that, the concentrated high-intensity light creates dark shadows. This means that it becomes hard to see everything around.

Another upside to LED lights is that it instantly achieves full brightness. This cannot be said about the other two. As they take some time to warm up and provide full brightness. How does this help? Well, the drivers behind you will be able to notice your brake lights immediately in low visibility conditions. Just imagine how helpful it can be when driving on the highway during a storm.


Like everything in the world LEDs too has drawbacks. One of the biggest issue people find with it is the price. The price was so much that initially, you could only find LED lights in high-end cars. Another issue is that the LED lights are not really heat resistant. They are, but not too much. While the LEDs themselves don’t get hot the car does and if you are not careful then it might damage your car’s lights. For this, you may have to use other components to keep the heat from damaging the lights.

aftermarket LED tail light

What More Do You Need?

While you see that there are some drawbacks with the LED lights the pros outweigh the cons by a ton. Also, you can invest in some high-quality heat resistant LEDs which you can find now on any store that sells aftermarket tail lights. Technology for the LED lights is evolving and with it, the price has come down as well. So it isn’t really an expensive venture nowadays. These lights help save you energy and is eco-friendly. So look over the pros and cons again if you have to. Then make your decision on Whether to switch to LED lights or not.

How to Buy the Best Car Headlights?

Your car’s headlights are very important. It’s vital for safety, yours and for everyone else on the roads. These lights allow you to see the road at night or during foggy weather. Without headlights, your car’s functionality would be limited. So, during the evolution of technology and cars throughout the ages, headlights have evolved as well. Headlights are susceptible to damages usually because they are in front of the car.

car headlight

Whether it’s from damage or from wearing out the bulbs, eventually you will need to replace headlights. There are plenty of different types of headlights in the market with many different variations and iterations. It can be hard to find the best car headlights. Here is a general rundown of what headlights are and their different types. This will help you make an informed decision when replacing your car’s headlights.

Function of headlights

The main function of these headlights is to illuminate the roads ahead so that accidents can be avoided. You need headlights to drive in low visibility conditions. Imagine driving at night, or during foggy weather or during storms. You wouldn’t be able to see the road in front of you properly or at all. This is a dangerous situation, which is why we need headlights.


In many old models, there are switches that you can press when you need to turn on the lights. You can even control the intensity of the lights through those switches. However, in newer cars, the light has been replaced. The headlights have photoelectric sensors that can detect low light. When it detects low light the headlights will turn on automatically. Remember to use lights when driving through areas that have sparse traffic.

Types of Headlights

For you to buy headlights first you need to know the types of headlights in the market. The types of headlights available in the market are Composite and Sealed Beam Headlights and Reflector and Projector Headlights.

Composite and Sealed Beam Headlights

Composite beam headlights have been assembled in separate compartments. This means that the lens, filament, reflectors are not housed together. In case of sealed beam headlights though everything is housed together. The bulb, the lens, and everything. This means when you need to change the lights you would need to disassemble everything. Whereas, in the composite lights you can open only the compartment you need.

Reflector and Projector Headlights

Reflector Headlights are the headlights that have bulb surrounded by a reflector chrome plated surface. This means when the light is turned on the light reflects on the chrome surface and then projects a beam of light. The surface has been made in such a way that the other drivers don’t see any glare which might hamper their vision.


Projector Headlights have the bulbs placed in a projector bowl. From there the light is reflected and hits the lens which projects a much more concentrated than the reflector headlights.

Kinds Of Bulbs


There are three main types of bulbs that you can find in the market for headlights. The following will be a short description of each type.

Halogen Bulbs

These are the most common types of lights in the market. These utilize a tungsten filament inside a chamber consisting of iodine and bromine, or nitrogen and argon mixtures.

HID Bulbs

High-Intensity Discharge bulbs or HIDs are also known as Xenon bulbs. These are smaller than your average halogen light and can be arranged in different patterns within the headlight housing of the car.

LED Bulbs

led bulbs

LED’s are a newer addition to the headlight roster. These provide amazing light intensity along with longevity and does not consume much power.

Final Tip

Since the headlights are in the front of the car a lot of dust and debris can clog up the lens which may hamper visibility when driving. So make sure to clean headlights regularly. There are DIY headlight cleaners available which you can use. Now that you know the types of headlights and headlight bulbs you can make an informed decision. When you need to replace your car’s headlight use the knowledge you garnered here and make the best possible choice for you.

How To Gain Access The Underside Hood Of Your Car When It’s Stuck

PR 40 1

Well, you need to check some parts that can be found under the hood of a car. But the hood is stuck. You know your regular maintenance is necessary. So, Now what? Well, here is a list of steps you can follow to open up the hood if it’s stuck.

Step 1
The first thing you should do is park the car and put the parking brakes on. It’s better if you do this at your home or a local garage. This is because if you can’t fix the hood properly after opening then you can get help easily.

Step 2
First, you need to locate the interior release latch. This you can find under the steering wheel on the side of the driver’s door or near the glove box. Usually, there is a picture of the hood opening where the release latch is located.

If you are using an older car then it may have an exterior release latch. Look for the release latch under the front lip of the car’s hood. If it seems like you are locked out completely then you should consider the mechanic.

Step 3
So you are out of the car and have located the exterior latch. Try to work it. Usually when the latch is functioning properly the hood will move upwards slightly. If you hear the latch clicking but there is no movement then the latch is most probably stuck.

You can find the latch on the center usually or the side. If the hood opens up slightly then just press the exterior latch. This may cause some depressions on the latch and even sideways movement.

Step 4
This might seem pretty weird but what you can do is slap the hood to see if you can shake the latch to move into position. Pull the interior latch, while pulling the latch with an open palm slap the hood. You may need to use some force just make sure you don’t put a dent on your hood.

Step 5
The next thing you can do is to try to pull the hood open. Have a friend pull the release and hold it steady. Then you move on to the front of the car and pull on the hood with some force. But do it slowly and steadily as not to damage the hood. If the problem is rust or grime then you will be able to overpower it and open the hood. If you see that the hood isn’t budging at all then don’t try to force it.

Step 6
If you are in a cold area where it is snowing or it is below zero then the latch might be frozen. Turn on your engine and let it sit on idle for a while. This will thaw out any ice that may have gathered when the engine was turned off. Well if the problem still persists then you should consult with a mechanic.

Final Tip

PR 40 2

If any of the tips worked for you then you don’t really have a big problem. Once you get the hood open check the latch and see if it needs replacement or not. Also, continue with your under hood maintenance. You can go and look for discount body parts in auto body parts wholesale stores. There are amazing deals to be had. I myself have taken advantage of a few situations like this. So go ahead and check for the things that are suitable to your needs.

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