How to Buy the Best Car Headlights?

Your car’s headlights are very important. It’s vital for safety, yours and for everyone else on the roads. These lights allow you to see the road at night or during foggy weather. Without headlights, your car’s functionality would be limited. So, during the evolution of technology and cars throughout the ages, headlights have evolved as well. Headlights are susceptible to damages usually because they are in front of the car.

car headlight

Whether it’s from damage or from wearing out the bulbs, eventually you will need to replace headlights. There are plenty of different types of headlights in the market with many different variations and iterations. It can be hard to find the best car headlights. Here is a general rundown of what headlights are and their different types. This will help you make an informed decision when replacing your car’s headlights.

Function of headlights

The main function of these headlights is to illuminate the roads ahead so that accidents can be avoided. You need headlights to drive in low visibility conditions. Imagine driving at night, or during foggy weather or during storms. You wouldn’t be able to see the road in front of you properly or at all. This is a dangerous situation, which is why we need headlights.


In many old models, there are switches that you can press when you need to turn on the lights. You can even control the intensity of the lights through those switches. However, in newer cars, the light has been replaced. The headlights have photoelectric sensors that can detect low light. When it detects low light the headlights will turn on automatically. Remember to use lights when driving through areas that have sparse traffic.

Types of Headlights

For you to buy headlights first you need to know the types of headlights in the market. The types of headlights available in the market are Composite and Sealed Beam Headlights and Reflector and Projector Headlights.

Composite and Sealed Beam Headlights

Composite beam headlights have been assembled in separate compartments. This means that the lens, filament, reflectors are not housed together. In case of sealed beam headlights though everything is housed together. The bulb, the lens, and everything. This means when you need to change the lights you would need to disassemble everything. Whereas, in the composite lights you can open only the compartment you need.

Reflector and Projector Headlights

Reflector Headlights are the headlights that have bulb surrounded by a reflector chrome plated surface. This means when the light is turned on the light reflects on the chrome surface and then projects a beam of light. The surface has been made in such a way that the other drivers don’t see any glare which might hamper their vision.


Projector Headlights have the bulbs placed in a projector bowl. From there the light is reflected and hits the lens which projects a much more concentrated than the reflector headlights.

Kinds Of Bulbs


There are three main types of bulbs that you can find in the market for headlights. The following will be a short description of each type.

Halogen Bulbs

These are the most common types of lights in the market. These utilize a tungsten filament inside a chamber consisting of iodine and bromine, or nitrogen and argon mixtures.

HID Bulbs

High-Intensity Discharge bulbs or HIDs are also known as Xenon bulbs. These are smaller than your average halogen light and can be arranged in different patterns within the headlight housing of the car.

LED Bulbs

led bulbs

LED’s are a newer addition to the headlight roster. These provide amazing light intensity along with longevity and does not consume much power.

Final Tip

Since the headlights are in the front of the car a lot of dust and debris can clog up the lens which may hamper visibility when driving. So make sure to clean headlights regularly. There are DIY headlight cleaners available which you can use. Now that you know the types of headlights and headlight bulbs you can make an informed decision. When you need to replace your car’s headlight use the knowledge you garnered here and make the best possible choice for you.


How To Gain Access The Underside Hood Of Your Car When It’s Stuck

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Well, you need to check some parts that can be found under the hood of a car. But the hood is stuck. You know your regular maintenance is necessary. So, Now what? Well, here is a list of steps you can follow to open up the hood if it’s stuck.

Step 1
The first thing you should do is park the car and put the parking brakes on. It’s better if you do this at your home or a local garage. This is because if you can’t fix the hood properly after opening then you can get help easily.

Step 2
First, you need to locate the interior release latch. This you can find under the steering wheel on the side of the driver’s door or near the glove box. Usually, there is a picture of the hood opening where the release latch is located.

If you are using an older car then it may have an exterior release latch. Look for the release latch under the front lip of the car’s hood. If it seems like you are locked out completely then you should consider the mechanic.

Step 3
So you are out of the car and have located the exterior latch. Try to work it. Usually when the latch is functioning properly the hood will move upwards slightly. If you hear the latch clicking but there is no movement then the latch is most probably stuck.

You can find the latch on the center usually or the side. If the hood opens up slightly then just press the exterior latch. This may cause some depressions on the latch and even sideways movement.

Step 4
This might seem pretty weird but what you can do is slap the hood to see if you can shake the latch to move into position. Pull the interior latch, while pulling the latch with an open palm slap the hood. You may need to use some force just make sure you don’t put a dent on your hood.

Step 5
The next thing you can do is to try to pull the hood open. Have a friend pull the release and hold it steady. Then you move on to the front of the car and pull on the hood with some force. But do it slowly and steadily as not to damage the hood. If the problem is rust or grime then you will be able to overpower it and open the hood. If you see that the hood isn’t budging at all then don’t try to force it.

Step 6
If you are in a cold area where it is snowing or it is below zero then the latch might be frozen. Turn on your engine and let it sit on idle for a while. This will thaw out any ice that may have gathered when the engine was turned off. Well if the problem still persists then you should consult with a mechanic.

Final Tip

PR 40 2

If any of the tips worked for you then you don’t really have a big problem. Once you get the hood open check the latch and see if it needs replacement or not. Also, continue with your under hood maintenance. You can go and look for discount body parts in auto body parts wholesale stores. There are amazing deals to be had. I myself have taken advantage of a few situations like this. So go ahead and check for the things that are suitable to your needs.

Beginner’s Guide To Body Parts under the Hood Of Your Car

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When you open the hood of your car it might look complicated with all the things that are crammed in there. However daunting it seems you can understand the components under the hood. It may seem daunting but trust me, you don’t need to be a master mechanic to understand what’s going on.

Knowing your car is essential, especially because it can make maintenance and check-ups much easier on you. This can also save you a pretty penny in repairs and replacement. So, the following will be a list of body parts and their basic overview.


PR 39 2
So, the engine is usually the big thing in the middle. All of the parts revolve around the engine and this you can say is the heart of the car.


This is one of the biggest and important parts of the car. The transmission is usually placed under everything else. It isn’t usually visible from the top. But you may be able to see the red dipstick if your car has automatic transmission.


You will find the radiator at the center of the car in front of your car’s grille. This body part is used to regulate engine temperature. You should know that the radiator also gets extremely hot so never try to handle it without cooling your car off for a couple of hours.

Radiators usually have a fan in between the engine and itself which it uses to cool the engine. You can usually see that the radiator is connected to a hose which in turn leads to a plastic overflow bag. This is another visible component you can see under the hood of a car.

A/C Compressor, Alternator, Power Steering Pump and Water Pump

Well, I have chosen to talk about these parts together as more often or not these are controlled by the same belt. The engine powers all the parts here and they, in turn, control your car’s accessory systems. These are parts that you need to check in your regular maintenance. You can easily find discount body parts online if you do need them so make sure you do adequate research on the market before buying any of these parts.

Brakes And Stuff

You can find a metal drum looking assembly on the back wall of the engine compartment closest to the driver seat. These are your car’s brake booster, master cylinder, and fluid reservoir. It basically looks like a metal drum which has a pipe bolted on the center with a container on top. It’s hard to miss.


PR 39 3
Located in of the corners of your car’s engine compartment is the battery. The plastic box with two metal cables bolted to it is the battery I am talking about.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir

This body part looks like a jug, to be honest. But do not confuse it with the radiator coolant overflow container. They are two different parts.


So these are the basic body parts you need to know for regular maintenance and repairs. These will come in handy when you are making repairs as well. Make sure you have a handle on the parts you buy. You can find auto body parts wholesale store that even sells to consumers. They offer great pricing and discounts so check them out before getting any parts.

DIY Body Parts: Make and Install Your Car Hood Ornaments

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You can easily make your car’s hood ornament and install it yourself. All you need to do is invest some elbow grease and some time. If you know how to do this then trust me you will turn some heads when you roll in. Having your own personal hood ornament will be your unique signature and make your car stand out.

If your hood ornament breaks and you need to replace it then you can easily do well with your DIY hood ornament. Here I will list the steps on how to make and install your own hood ornament. You can use anything you want for this, use your imagination, but the process will be the same.

Step 1

Frist, you have to check your car’s hood ornament fitting style. Usually, it comes bolted on the hood and fastened by wires that have been threaded through a spring. The spring is used as a shock absorber and also a breaking point for the hood preventing irreparable damage. If you see that your hood ornament fitting is like this with a half inch center hole in the base and has a spring system then you are in luck.

Find an ornament for your car, what you need basically is the top metal part of a trophy. It depends on you what you take. But make sure that the body part is metal and not plastic. Make sure the base of the ornament is larger than the fitting and also that you have a long enough base screw. Other things you need for this are strong one-sixth inch diameter wire, a spring, silicone adhesive, chrome spray paint, adjustable wrench, small pliers and wire snips.

Step 2

Now it’s time to dismantle your hood ornament. You should see a bolt under the hood where the hood ornament is attached. Once you have unscrewed it the ornament slides out with the wires and all. You can even detach the fitting from the hood of the car.

Step 3

Next, you need to drill a hole on the base of the trophy that you got. The idea is to do a perpendicular hole where you can thread the wires through. Make sure it also has is low enough to not interfere with the look and feel of the ornament.

Step 4

Now it’s time to paint the ornament to your liking. First, prop up the trophy and spray paint the color that you want. After that give it a good chrome paint coating. You should thread some wire through the hole you drilled. This way you can hang the ornament for the paint to dry. Make sure you don’t continue your work till the paint is dry.

Step 5

Well, it’s normal for your base fitting and the trophy base to not fit. Don’t worry you can easily get around this. Fill the base with silicone adhesive and then imprint your base fitting in there. That will create a mold of the fitting. This is relatively tough and is weatherproof. Make sure you do it right as you need this for your ornament to fit as well as be strong enough to survive the rigors.

Step 6

Installing the ornament is the only step left. Thread the wire through the hole you drilled on the base. Put the wire through the hole on the hood for the ornament. When you see the wires emerge through the other side hold the figure in place. Make sure its base is perfectly fitted in with the base of the hood. Take the spring put it on the base fitting and tie it down using the wire. Make sure everything is fitted perfectly. The ornament should be able to move a little but not too much. You don’t want the hood ornament to flop around while you are driving.

Take It Out For a Spin

PR 38 2

And there you go, you are done with your DIY hood ornament. Take your car out for a spin and show off your new ornament and see if the fit is perfect or not. You can also buy hood covers, ornaments, and other auto body parts at wholesale price in many online shops. Make sure if you are buying body parts that you get the best deals. This will drive down the cost of repair or replacement which can be high under certain conditions and for some models.

Signs Your Car Needs Repair Under The Hood

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You obviously don’t want to hear that you need engine repair. But this is sort of unavoidable. This is bound to happen because of the rigors your car parts go through while driving. While these might sound very problematic but most problems are minor. But left unrepaired may result in big damages. The following will be a few problems that you should look out for and go to the mechanic if you face any of them.

Knocking Noise On The Engine

One of the signs of trouble brewing under the hood is the knocking noise an engine creates when there is a change in RPM. This noise usually happens because of the friction between bearings. Bearings as you already know are pretty important. These bearings help with the movement of the parts.

This makes them an integral part of the car. When there is additional friction it can increase the wearing out rate which is fatal for the engine. This might happen because of a lack of lubrication as well. Make sure you check the noise out and if you can’t seem to find the problem then consult your mechanic.

Excess Smoke From Exhaust

If you notice that there is too much smoke coming out of the exhaust then there might be a problem. You can usually identify the problem by looking at the color of the smoke. If you see blue smoke then your lubricant is leaking and you can fix that easily.

When you see that the smoke is white, well then your coolant is leaking. This is very dangerous especially during the summer. Your engine can overheat and breakdown due to this issue. You need to take of it as soon as the problem arises.

When you see that the engine is spewing thick black smoke then the engine is burning excess fuel. Now this hampers your mileage very much. This can also lead to engine failure. Usually, the problem can be easily fixed by replacing the air filters as this normally happens when the air filters are clogged or damaged.

So whenever you see these problems make sure you go to your mechanics. If you want great discounts for body parts then you can check out many online auto body parts wholesale distributors. There are plenty that often will take retail orders so check them out before ordering.

Metal in Oil

When you or your mechanic is changing your engine oil and find metal shavings then there is a problem. This means that there is excessive friction between the parts. This can lead to a host of different problems. One of the major problems is that it can cause entire engine failure and you might need to replace or rebuild the engine. This is a very expensive endeavor. So make sure you keep running regular diagnostics for niggling problems under the hood.

Check Engine Light

PR 37 2

The most obvious thing on the list but important nonetheless is to heed the warnings of your check engine light. This light can be triggered by a host different engine issue. But these issues are often small easy and almost inexpensive to fix. But left ignored may result in major problems so it should not be ignored.

Maintaining Your Car’s Health

So here are the common factors that you should keep in your head when driving your car. These problems are very common and can be easily fixed. However, leaving them ignored is a dangerous prospect as they can extremely expensive later. If you are looking for bargains check out auto body parts wholesale distributors online.

There are shops that offer discounts on hood covers to hood ornaments to even engine parts and they also sell to retail customers. To find the best deal you can on the internet before buying the parts. Making sure you don’t overspend will also help you keep your diagnostics repair cost low as well.

Knowing Car Hood Covers Before Buying

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There are plenty of cars with similar profiles on the market today. Car hood covers are a great way to set yourself apart or show support for the thing you love. These covers also provide some protection for the auto body parts in the front end of the car.

Like most car related things there are plenty of choices when it comes to car hood covers. When there are a lot of choices there is always the option of being confused about what to buy. Here is a list of the types of hood covers so that you can make an informed decision on what to buy.

Types Of Hood Covers

Your car’s aesthetic appeal obviously matters. We try our best to make our look cool. A car says a lot about a person. Your car’s hood cover was designed to protect the hood and the front-end of the car. The covers provide protection for the hood from damages caused by sand, dust, and debris.

Along with protection, the hoods add a much-needed flair to your car. There are lots of different types of hoods available on the market. This is why you should know what they are so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

Full Hood Covers: The most common type of hood cover these are usually made of polyester with either Lycra or Spandex. These covers normally are customizable, there are fade-resistant printing methods. You can put your favorite sports team up there or your business’ logo for some of the clock marketing.

There are online stores that will help you make a customizable cover. All you need to do is follow their guideline and provide them with the image they want to use.

There are padded full hood covers as well. These are for use only when your car is stationary. Usually held in place by magnets, these are really great products for pet owners. If you have a cat then you can protect your cover and hood from getting scratches with these covers.

Vehicle Bras: These are the type of covers that only cover the front end and part of the hood. Although there are different designs and there are different car bras for different types of car models. These covers are made from durable material and is extremely weather resistant.

There are guarantees regarding the durability for these covers so make sure you look into them. One thing you should make sure is that the underside of the cover should have a soft fabric so as to limit the damage caused by friction. There are two different types of Vehicle bras as well those are T-Style hood bras and Magnetic Car Bras.

Protective Film: Protective film is like cling film but for cars. These are usually cut into shapes for you stick on or you can find it in rolls which you cut to the shape of your car.

PR 36 2

This is light protection but provides good cover from bugs end dust. The good thing is you can get Protective film for your mirrors and fenders. This will add extra protection for your car.

Hood Guard: Hood guards are more commonly known as bug deflectors. These are barriers at the front edge of the car and is used to deflect dust and small debris. This type of hood cover helps out with protecting the hood and the lower side of the windshield. These can be customized to your need and you can put your own style on it. These are made of acrylic plastic or chrome so some people even have them tinted to avoid glare.

Making An Informed Decision

Here you go, these are your common types of hood covers. Before buying them you need to find out which of these will be the best for your car. You can find them at auto body parts shop that supplies retail or wholesale. You can easily get them online. There are plenty of shops that provide great discounts on purchase. So make sure you check them out before you buy them.

How to Open The Hood Of A Car With A Failed Latch or Cable

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Any work on the engine or oil change or if you want to access your car’s grille you have to do it by opening the hood. The latch or cable of your hood failed? Don’t know how to open the hood of your car? Well, this is a frustrating scenario many of us face. Ignoring simple problems may well lead to bigger problems. You can easily solve this. You just have to be a little patient and know a few tricks to get that hood situation under control. There is no point in wrestling with the hood of your car, you may even damage the car or worse the hood ornament if you have any. Here are a few tips on how to open the hood of the car with a failed latch.

No. 1

One common problem that occurs is that the hood doesn’t open properly if the cable between the hood and latch is sticky or stretched in some way. At that moment you have to press down on the hood while someone else is pulling the interior latch. The hoods are designed to disengage when the latch is pulled so once you set it in place and it opens the hood will shift and pop open slightly. Then you can just pull the exterior latch key and open the hood.

 No. 2

When you see your hood isn’t working then you can try finding the interior latch key wire. If you pull it and see what happens. If the hood opened up normally then the cable or latch must have slipped or got displaced. If the latch is damaged or broken you need to replace it, this rarely happens. Or if you see that it just got displaced you can easily adjust it from the front-end.

If you feel no tension at all then the cable has been severed from the latch and you won’t be able to do anything with this method.

No. 3

If you can’t open the hood with the previous two methods then you need to approach the latch from another angle. At this point, you may need to probe under the hood of the car. If you are lucky then you will be able to see the latch through the grille. Use a flashlight and a small mirror to find a small hook-shaped object inside.

In many cars there the interior latch can be found in the driver side fender well. If that is the case then remove the inner fender well from the driver’s side. After that reach in for the cable of the latch and then pull. The hood will open as long as the latch wire is still attached and has not been severed.

No. 4

You can trip the latch to have the hood pop open. For this, you would need a long thin screwdriver and then start poking from under the hood to find the latch. If there is no way to insert a screwdriver then use a wire coat hanger. Once you locate the latch tug on it and the hood should open.

You can open up your grille to have better access to the latch. Even removing and replacing a non-removable grille can be less expensive than taking your car to the mechanic. Obviously, the cost depends on your car and its model.

No. 5

The last thing you can do is to approach it from under the hood. Reach under the hood with pliers and try to find the latch. After that tug on it lightly and the hood should open up. Now, you should never try this when you have just used your car. Give it a few hours to cool off. When you are doing this use a jack stand to jack your car. This gives you a better vantage point and you can access it better.

Last Hope

PR 35 2

If you still can’t get it to open then I’m sorry there is nothing more you can do. You should take it to the mechanic. If you try doing something then you even cause more damage. When you are at the mechanic you can even fix the little problems or even have the coveted hood ornament placed. You will be able to find a lot of auto body parts in wholesale even with amazing discounts. So make sure you are prepared when going to the mechanic. You wouldn’t want to make regular trips to the mechanic now do you?

Why Buying Auto Parts From Overseas Is Not A Good Idea

Why Buying Auto Parts From Overseas Is Not A Good Idea 1

You bought a car, the manufacturer of the car is based out of another country. So naturally, you would think that getting the auto parts from that country for your car would naturally be great right? Wrong. This what I will explain. Why getting auto parts from overseas usually mean trouble.

There have been many instances when people have bought their car parts from overseas, only to find out they don’t fit. In my experience imported parts seldom fit your car. This is because every model has been manufactured in a specific way for a specific region. So whatever that might a car in one region might not fit on the same car manufactured for a different region.

Whenever you buy your car you know which region it’s for. If you don’t it will be specified on the owner’s manual or you can ask the dealer. This means that your local auto parts stores brick and mortar or otherwise is your best bet to find the auto body part that you need.

If you want to replace something you can just shop at any auto parts website that is specific to your country. Shipping from overseas is an extremely expensive endeavor. You can find cheaper alternatives and even better parts for the car from local businesses.

Here in the USA, there are auto body parts store that will offer you amazing discounts and even free shipping for your products. Cross-country warranties are another big issue. Even if you buy the right parts that may fit your car perfectly, the warranty for the part may only be valid for that country only and not others.

There may be shipping restrictions from that country which will make postage even more expensive for you. Now you may have some trust issues with the sellers here, but there are several ways around this. You can look for certified OEMs or Genuine parts. There are certifications that show the legitimacy of the product you are getting.

Certified Stamp Means Promise Ratify And Authenticate

There are certifications even for Aftermarket auto parts to prove that the product is market ready. Buying these will not only ensure that you don’t overpay but also you will be getting auto parts that fit perfectly. There are even region-specific modifications that you can only find in your country. Now, if you do decide to bring the auto parts from overseas please be careful. Ask an expert about the exact parts when ordering. Study up on everything and make sure you know everything before ordering from an outside seller. This is the only way for you to ensure that you have the chance to get the right auto parts.

Before ordering from some overseas seller, research about the seller as well. See what type of service they provide. See if they have good customer service or not. And most importantly see if they are selling certified products or off-brand knock-offs. If you fit your car with less than good quality parts then you might need to replace the parts again or in some cases, the parts may cause additional damage to the car.

These are the reasons why it is tricky to order car parts from overseas. With amazing local auto parts stores and websites offering great customer experience nowadays, it is hard to see why anyone would look for overseas auto parts import. If you do decide to order though, please keep those safety checks in mind.

Lift Kit & Leveling Kit, What are These Aftermarket Car Parts?

Is there any better feeling than sitting behind the wheel of a lifted truck? Looking down on the world, you feel like the king of the world. Knowing how a truck is lifted and which type of automotive body parts are used in lifting a car will help your decision making if you want to lift your car. There is no one way to boost the height of your truck but a few. But there are two main types. A basic description of the two is in the following.

Lift Kit

Lift Kit & Leveling Kit, What are These Aftermarket Car Parts (1)

The way that this aftermarket part works is by placing blockers and spacers between the car’s body and frame. Now usually the spacing is a few inches. But if you are willing to tweak the suspension of the car you can go higher, much higher.

The trucks and cars nowadays have a lower base. This means if you take your truck off-road, it can be fatal to your undercarriage. Lift kits can help you here by lifting the frame higher to avoid uneven terrain on your off-road escapades. This will save you from the damage that might have been caused to your truck it was at its usual height level.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, you can turn your truck into a monster truck with the help of lift kits and some other aftermarket car parts. You would need to accommodate bigger tires and a sturdier suspension for your truck but lifting it to the skies is possible with the suspension lift kit. Your dream of towering over everything and everyone can finally come true. You can Speed through steep inclines and mud pits with ease with your monster truck, a feeling reserved for only a few.

There are two types of lift kits, body lift, and suspension lift kits. Body lift kits are good for a short upgrade. This car part is relatively simple and easy to install as well, but if you extend too much it can cause harm to your suspensions.

Whereas, suspension lift kits bolster your suspension according to the height you want to reach. This aftermarket part makes for an expensive installation at times and is trickier to install, but this mod is more durable and can provide you with greater clarity.

Leveling Kits

Lift Kit & Leveling Kit, What are These Aftermarket Car Parts (2)

Trucks are designed for hauling big loads. This means that the backside of the truck is a bit raised than the front. This is to ensure that your truck can handle heavy loads without fuss. This means that you can’t really use bigger tires on the front like the back. Leveling kits help you achieve that. You can use a leveling kit to raise the front part of the car to accommodate larger wheels and better align your car. This gives your car a more consistent look.

If you have other mods and car parts like a heavy duty bullnose bumper or a heavy winch, it can weigh your truck down. This will make your truck look saggy and might even cause premature tire and suspension damage. So getting this aftermarket auto part means a better distribution of weight and gives a boost to your truck.

When choosing your leveling kit you should remember that this auto body part is specific to each truck and you should have sufficient knowledge before installing one in your truck. Installing them however is easy and inexpensive at the most part, so there is nothing to worry on that part.

Making The Right Choice

If you are unsure about which kit to get still, then make a list. See what it is that you require. This will help you get a clear vision on which particular part you need. You can get your leveling kits on the cheap from many online stores now. Shops like PartzRoot and Rock Auto offer an extensive array of quality aftermarket parts. There are many that even offer free shipping. So do your research and choose the right body parts for your truck.

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